Downloads & installation

RC 1:

1.) Download Boot1.tar from here.
2.) Flash using Odin as PDA
3.) Boot to recovery
4.) Mount Everything
5.) Format Everything except SD Card and SD-EXT (If you have)
6.) Mount everything again
7.) Flash the rom
8.) Go to advance and Wipe Dalvik Cache
9.) Reboot
10.) Enjoy

  • 1.Download the Spare-Parts.apk from here. Push the app to /system/app and set permissions to r-w-r-r
    2. Now open the app.
    3. Scroll down.. You will see a option " Compatibility Mode "
    4. Untick that option.
    5. Reboot your phone.
    6. You are now set.. Try to send a file from your phone to other one.

    NOTE:- receiving files is still not possible.This fix works for every CM7 based roms