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Sunday, 17 February 2013

[Rom][Kernel] NEMESIS ONE [The Most Advanced Rom For Galaxy Y]


Introducing : Nemesis One.
The best ROM EVER built for Galaxy Y.

With superb themes, revamped UI, a brand new Launcher, Android 4.2 status bar and the fastest kernel out there, it’s simply what you ever wanted.


THE ANDROID 4.2: With Nemesis One, get the originality of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean on your phone. See your Little Young transform into Google Nexus. It has-the unique Nemesis Launcher-a complete replica of the Jelly Bean Launcher, the JB Framework, the JB Settings, Task Manager, File Explorer and the Android 4.2 Status Bar, JB Apollo Music and lots more-get the taste of Jelly Bean in everything with Nemesis. So, Samsung, you won’t give us an update? Looks like we don’t even need it now!

THE BUTTERY-SMOOTH, ROCK-SOLID AND ION-STABLE UI: With Nemesis, get your phone work on the smoothest framework ever. You get no lag, no FC, no Error. Young will really be young and run flawlessly. The silky smooth transitions and animation of apps-This indeed is something which will charm you!

THE NEMESIS FUSION KERNEL: With Nemesis One, get the fastest and the most stable kernel ever made. The one and only Nemesis Fusion-enriched with features like Swap, BusyBox, EXT2/3/4 and other super kernel scripts. One thing everybody would long for is good Battery Saving-you’ll be glad to know that the Nemesis Fusion can be considered one of the best battery saving kernels for our device and can maintain battery well for 24 HRS even if you play with it ALL THE TIME!

MUSIC-A FOOD OF LIFE: Nemesis features an unique all-in-one Audio Booster-Get the ALSA, BEATS EQUALIZER, DOLBY DIGITAL 3D SURROUND SOUND, DSP MANAGER, SONY xLOUND Audio Enhancement and lots other sound boost tweaks. Apollo Music Player-the best music player as of now is included. So turn your little young into an iPod. Play your music like never before. Enjoy the greatest music with your family and friends, with Nemesis One.

TWEAKIES AND TWEAKIES! EVERYWHERE: Nemesis One features loads of tweaks to get the best out of your phone. There are as many as 50 build.prop and 15 init.d tweaks. Get the most renowned built-in Kernel tweaks with Nemesis Fusion. You get the greatest tweaks like Adrenaline-Engine, Sony Cybershot Mod, complete Kuro Tweaks, Built-in Adblockers etc. etc.

So, get ready, to, gear up, pace up, enjoy- the best ROM ever made, on your Galaxy Y!!!!

Nemesis One v1:

Nemesis One v1.1 (HD):
What does the v1.1 (HD) contain?
  • Removed bloatware. ( almost 20 mb removed )
  • New HD Screen Drivers.
  • WiFi error fixed. No need to flash drivers anymore.
  • Seeder included to increase entropy.
  • Claimed to be even more fast!
  • Instructions:
    1. Boot into recovery mode then flash CWM recovery - Click here to download CWM
    2. Wipe cache and data
    3. Once in recovery mode, go to mounts and storage, and mount everything possible (sd-ext may give an error but ignore it)
    4. Then finally go back, then go to install zip from sdcard -> choose zip from sdcard - Choose the nemesis zip file which you choose to download
    5. Select yes when asked
    6. Follow the AROMA installer, it should be as easy as installing software on your computer
    7. Choose to install stock kernel.
    8. After installation of it is complete, go back to CWM (first make sure that everything is mounted again) and then again, flash the nemesis zip file to get back to the installer
    9. Now choose to install the Nemesis kernel.
    10. After installing the kernel, you are back in CWM recovery, then go to mounts and storage and again be sure to mount everything, then flash the zip file for wifi drivers fix - Click here to download.
    11. After installation is complete, again make sure everything is mounted, flash the nemesis installer zip and then finally choose to install the nemesis rom (you may enable the reboot option once installer is finished)
    12. After it is installed, your phone will reboot 
    13. Enjoy the rom and please post some feedback in the comments for the rest to see


  1. nothing else is working except the launcher.help

  2. try to reinstall the rom.i am sure it will work.by the way can u pls tell me how u istalled the rom.may be u r trying a wrong procedure.this is the first problem i have heard from a nemesis user.

    contact me for further assistance.....

  3. iam forgot to instal nemesis kernel .
    how to instal it ?

  4. hey can anyone help me i cant turn on the wifi when i click the on button nothing happens and its the same problem with the bluetooth

    1. dude just flash the wifi drivers which i have provided(see in the instructions section).

  5. Can I install wi-fi drivers after installing nemesis rom ?

    1. But Ashish where z the WIFI DRIVER???
      i cant find it..!
      can u please.. tell me.. where it iz.. n how to install that?

  6. and is this rom good for HD games?

  7. dude when i download it nemesi is seems good for last step when phone should turn on on last step it didnt my phone hanged and i gave it to the sho room help ME OUT HOW TO INSTALL

  8. worst ROM dont install.waste of time

  9. Wifi Dint worked at all.!
    follwed your steps.. !!
    No CHANGE !!

  10. Good ROM !!!
    And for newbies like Kartik and Prasad...learn how to install this ROM correctly before sayin crap about it !!!
    It works really for me !!!

  11. status bar is not visible for me bro

  12. How To overclock my phone with nemesis one

  13. The Nemesis 1.1 HD doest work quite well

  14. its working, much better than hyperion 8 which is totally a fraud! :)

  15. i only problem is the wallpaper. can't set any except the default wc is Zoomed!

  16. cant connect to the wifi.. *sign waste of time

  17. after installing rom
    i have a problem i am unable to uninstall any of my apps
    pls help me

    mail me @ mukesh.iyer23@gmail.com
    or post it hear

  18. i have rooted my phone
    and installed nemesis one
    it is hanging on booting
    it doesnt open; whenever i open recovery mode
    CWM loads automatically
    i want the rom to work or change it but cant
    - Samsung galaxy y

    1. mine too...

      nemesis 2.5 animateted logo apears repetedly...

      also cannot get the default recovery mode.

      help please

  19. sorry,,,after install kernel from nemesies.. my phone got stuck at galaxy y logo.. and recovery mode cant access.... how to solve this problem?

  20. So i was changing a rom, after that i rebooted my phone, and then it stuck on the samsung logo.
    Need help, i dont wanna get beaten up from my mother, even though i knew the risk when rooting my phone,
    please someone help me.

  21. i have installed the rom as per the above procedure.But my phone detect the service provider(operator).I can't even call...plzz help me!!!!!

  22. hey i follow the steps you provided here but after successful installation my phone stock in bootanimation.. how to fix this.?

  23. you must wait after installing.. because the first boot takes about 5-10 minutes..

  24. Hey excuse me i install and follow the instructions how many minutes bootimation I'm worrying to my galaxy Y because its like stock on bootimation I'll waiting 1-5hrs to start my galaxy Y now :( plsssss help me

    1. flash stock rom from here:- http://galaxyyrocksss.blogspot.in/2012/12/new-indian-firmware-update-for-galaxy-y.html

  25. My phone is not switching on after installing ...only logo appears again and again...how can i fix dis? Atleast tell me dat pls...